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Happy New Year

2017-01-01 17:46:24 by JPBFan

Happy New Year to everyone sorry it is 2 days late just spent the New Years with my family on the 31/12/2016 

I think my account got hacked

2016-12-26 02:39:55 by JPBFan

I might need to reupload my remixes because I think my account is getting hacked because it says it got band by the moderators but I don't get messages saying that it got band so I think I might reuploud my remixes but I'm not sure I'm not complaining just letting u know.

How Long I Have Been Making Music For.

2016-11-15 18:41:01 by JPBFan

i have been making music for a year and The Right In Remix is the best i can do. i can not get on Xtrullor's,MafiaPineapples or Nightkilla's level aka im not as good as them they are the best song makers on newgrounds  i have heared in my life. i making more songs soon i am working on one now it might not be out till next week or the weekend. but thanks 4 all the feedback on the songs i post.

#first post

2016-10-11 21:50:19 by JPBFan

i accedentally click recommed this person to audio portal by accedent because my little brother came in my room and he clicked on it. so i did not mean to click reccomend myself to audio portal.