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I think my account got hacked

2016-12-26 02:39:55 by JPBFan

I might need to reupload my remixes because I think my account is getting hacked because it says it got band by the moderators but I don't get messages saying that it got band so I think I might reuploud my remixes but I'm not sure I'm not complaining just letting u know.


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2016-12-27 00:14:02

Some of your remixes were removed for containing copyrighted content outright, such as samples from Skrillex songs. Otherwise you should really move away from remixing artists' work represented by major labels. These guys want to sue us and take down our site and remixing popular artists is a good way to give them an excuse to have their way.

(Updated ) JPBFan responds:

oh ok. thanks for letting me know.


2016-12-27 02:05:57

I don't like it as much as the next person, but I understand why we have to remove them. Tom himself has said he doesn't like not being able to host content with copyrighted samples and music, as it means that a lot of our old classics have been removed or edited, but he does say that he would prefer we focus more on original content than giving the same labels that threaten to bankrupt and destroy us any representation on our site.

JPBFan responds:

So I should stay away from remixing skrillex songs and other high labeled artist.


2016-12-27 04:15:53

Basically, yes. Any artist you see in the top-charts is a no-no. Now you can remix NCS (non-copyright music) but even then remember to be creative with how you go about it. Make it your own. Stuff like nightcore, reversing the songs, etc., isn't allowed, and neither is barely remixed stuff, like say if you made a GD cut or simply added a drop to existing parts of a song.

Also, downloading a MIDI and changing the instruments is illegal, and so is posting "for" someone or with their "permission".

Just trying to cover the parts of the rules that may not be explicitly in your face out there. If you need explanation on anything, just ask!


2016-12-27 04:17:58

I also forgot to mention, any song on NG that doesn't break these rules (copyright artist particularly) is fine to remix or sample so long as your fingerprints are all over the mix. I.e. it can't be huge chunks of their mix with little or no actual remixing.

I have seen people make megamixes from NG songs but this is really dubious and I myself am too leery to try.

(Updated ) JPBFan responds:

Ok thanks for letting me know. Question would it be alright is when I make a song and won't to post it can I send to you to see if I can put it on newgrounds. If that is alright with you.


2016-12-27 18:10:39

Sure, send me whatever you like. Just give me a quick explanation how you made it, etc. :)